Big Stories: The Sample Platter

This story pack- which includes a PDF of five illustrated stories and the original images- is here to show what we've been up to on Big Stories, the Patreon I run with Silver Stag. These stories are written by me, Renard, and illustrated by Silver- a lot has changed on Big Stories, so we wanted to show some of our very first stories to see what we've been doing lately. Enjoy! 

The stories include:

JAKE'S LONG WORKOUT: Jake Long, the American Dragon, has hit a rut in his career after so many years, and finds a new patron to push him to new heights. 

EXILED TO THE FOOD COURT: Exile of the Road Rovers lets his appetite go a little too loose at his first visit to an American mall.

LAUNCHPAD GROUNDED: After crashing another plane, Launchpad McQuack has to repay his employer, Scrooge McDuck, by taking a second job at a buffet- with lots of free food to spare.

GLORY DAYS: Kumatetsu reminisces of the days when he was at his most impressive and powerful strength.

WORKING OUT LIKE A BEAST: Feeling overshadowed by the Princesses, Beast, or Prince Adam, starts working out to get back into the spotlight. 

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