Big Ballads

A Disney Story Pack of Size! Renard De Fleureaux and Brock Tanuki are proud to present six stories of growth featuring some favorite Disney Characters of ours. Included are:

- I'LL SLEEP ON IT - Timon finds the perfect way to beat the heat... by hibernating? And if at first you don't succeed, gorge, gorge again!
- HEAVY IS THE HEAD - Prince John is back on the throne and it's up to Robin Hood to save the day with a little diplomacy, an unlikely ally, and a lot of big meals!
- A REALLY CHEESY STORY - The Rescue Rangers' diets are in jeopardy when they come across their old nemesis... CH-CH-CHEESE~!

- OVERCOMING A CURSE - When Prince Adam is unexpectedly cursed back into his beastly form, he needs Belle's help to become strong enough to fight the Mistress of All Evil!
- WORKING OUT YOUR ANGER- Donald's always had a short fuse, but maybe his friends and a special protein formula can convince him to focus that anger into a really good workout, with really big results!
- OHANA MEANS 'MASSIVE GAINS' - When several dozen of Stitch's cousins are kidnapped, he'll have to beef up and enter an intergalactic wrestling tournament to win them back!

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